A Fantastic Kid's Christmas Party that almost Did Not Happen!

After months of preparation, several trips to Guayaquil, and much more, finally the day of the party arrived!  We awoke that morning to a torrential downpour--the first rain we have had this late in December in 10 years!  The time arrived for the helpers to arrive to get ready for the party and only four out of 10 workers showed up!  We asked Isidro what has held up everybody, and were informed that a grandmother had died that morning, and half of our workers were related to her!  The custom here is that if a relative dies then you don't party or celebrate, or wear red for a certain amount of time.

We did not know what to do, but hoped it would work out.  Well it did!  The rain stopped before noon and dried out quickly.  And...the workers, including Papa Noel, did not work before 2:00 pm, but showed up to work to make all the kids happy.  The Party was on!

To set the scene, take a look at these marvelous kids waiting for Papa Noel to show up...

 Lots of work goes into making the party look easy...here are Janet and Tim helping us fill 625 baggies of Christmas candy and animal crackers...

Laura and Denton have supported the party for years, from the US, and this year wanted to come down and help...here they are with son Harrison and Friend Trent filling 350 Christmas bags with a doll or truck or car and a Baggie.

Here are just some of the gift bags for the Kids with Rox who organized it all!

These dancers are local kids who practice three times a week for months to get the intricate steps perfect!

Here are Janet and Papa Noel posing...Janet took many of these cool photos!

This happy group did almost all of the delivery of Hot Dogs, Chips, and drinks to over 600 happy kids and moms and dads...

A nice shot of Denton and Laura

Here are a bunch of photos of happy kids with Papa Noel, and a lot of others to give you the flavor of the party!


We also took 350 matte 5" by 7" photos of each child with Papa Noel.  They were distributed to all the families on the day before Christmas...often the only actual picture of a child for the whole year.

We never could do this party without the encouragement and support of our friends, family, and blog readers.  You all are terrific, and have made a huge difference again this year.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season, and a terrific 2019!!!

Bob and Roxanne



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Preparing for the 10th year Giving the Kid's Manglaralto PapaNoel Party

Rox and I do this entire party, 350 kids and 250 moms, by ourselves, until the last day!

Here's the gift bags...all loaded by Roxanne...(last year)

But...we could not do any of this without your generous help!

Here are a couple of shots of our trip back from Guayaquill with only half the gifts for the kids...and the guys humping those big boxes upstairs...

It takes a whole bedroom just to store some of the toys and dolls...

This shows a sample of the toys in the kid's gift bags...

If you would like to help a lot of kids (who would normally get no other presents) receive a doll or toy car, Christmas candy, animal crackers, hot dog, and chips (mom, too), lots of Cola, and especially a visit and photo with Papa Noel, then please send your donation to our paypal account bobnrox@gmail.com marked "personal".

We, the kids, and their moms thank you in advance...

Have a great holiday season!!!

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We're gearing up for our annual Kid's Christmas Party...

After 10 years of having happy kids and moms attend our annual Christmas party, we seriously considered not having it this year.  
Rox is still recovering from the shattered arm which resulted from her somersaulting down our 18 concrete stairs while carrying a huge box to the car.  She spent ten days in several hospitals, until a specialist could be found to do the three hour surgery to install a metal plate with 8 metal screws holding the bones together.
After five months of Physical Therapy, she is still unable to have full movement in her arm and hand.  She is getting better, and more months of therapy have been approved.  Just this last week, she seemed to have a breakthrough about lifting her arm higher and out further. 
We decided that this setback was not going to slow us down, and have decided to go ahead with the Kid's Party again this year, especially since,  if we did not do it, it would feel like we were giving up!

Many parents have already asked Agripina if we are going to have the party again this year, and this is giving us more of an incentive to keep the party going.
Last week, we drove to Guayaquil to purchase 100 dolls and stuffed animals.  We still have to buy 250 more cars, trucks and dolls, plus wieners, buns, chips, 120 liters of Coca Cola, candy, 80 pounds of animal crackers, baggies and Christmas bags, and everything else needed to serve it to 350 kids and 250 moms.
We are glad to do what it takes to get the kid's party up and running each year, but we could never do it without the support of our friends, relatives, and you folks reading our blog.
We are facing increased expenses this year, as we will have to hire out a couple of jobs that we always used to do ourselves.  For example, since I am trying to deal with a sciatica type back problem, I can no longer go for long walks and carry a lot of heavy loads.  Jorge, our safe and sane taxi driver, was hired today,  to take Rox in our SUV to Guayaquil to purchase a car-full of cars, trucks and dolls for the party.
We need your help this year more than ever.  If you wish to make a huge number of kids and moms smile again this year, please send some support to our PayPal address which is   bobnrox@gmail.com

Every cent received goes directly to the kids.

Please check "personal" when you send some dough, and that will ensure that the total amount will be received for the party.
If you wish to see how much the party's do for the kids and moms, please scroll back several pages of this blog for a lot of fun photos.
Thanks in advance to all of you for your support this year and over the last 10 years.
Have a great fall season, and a happy and healthy holiday season,
Bob and Roxanne and all the kids
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Roxanne writes about her great IESS Hospital Experience!

My birthday is at the end of April and to celebrate we rented a great little house in Cotacachi -about 2 hours north of Quito. We were loading the car at 5:30 Saturday morning-we had a big and heavy box of dry goods that I decided to carry down our 17 step stairway (without telling Bob I was going to do so)

I started down the stairs, and caught my heel on the top step, and somersaulted down to the bottom, where Bob found me upside down with my legs through the banister. I had bruises all over, side of head, shoulders and legs. The first thing I said, "I think I've dislocated my shoulder" We then tried to figure out if anything else was broken, and luckily there were no other breaks. Amazingly enough I was covered with instant coffee and there was shards of glass from two instant coffee jars all over.. I never got one glass cut, and must have been tumbling down the stairs with a grip on the box, because I received no injuries on my hands.

Bob ran over to Agripina’s house yelling we needed help! Immediately Agripina, Lucio, Sonia, and Cecelia were there helping...it was 6:00 am Sat morning. They took me over to the emergency across the street.I said just shove it back in the socket. The Doctor said if it is broken that would really mess it up- that I needed x-rays, but only machine was in La Libertad and other distant places.  The doc gave me a pain injection, which helped,, but the pain was fierce. This was the first of my 5 different Ecuadorian hospital experiences.

We decided to make the trip anyway, so everyone got us loaded and off we went. Every bump in the road was really bad pain , but the shot I received at the hospital helped!

The description of our trip to Cotacachi is too long for this writing, but suffice to say, it was too long, too bumpy, and our GPS went on strike in the middle of Quito and points North. We started about 7:10 in the morning and drove steady until we finally arrived at 9:30 that evening.

We were both exhausted but the house was terrific. Bob made a much appreciated fire and I enjoyed the warmth with a drink. Unfortunately, that was it for the nice times.

The next morning, Sunday, we went to the local hospital, and I was able to get the required x ray. One look at the radiologist's face was enough for us to know it was bad news. Each person we watched look at the x ray for the first time, recoiled as they realized what they were looking at. My arm was fractured.This was my second IESS hospital and everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful.

Note arm shattered and dislocated...Yikes!!!

The staff at the hospital told us that they did not have a qualified doctor there who could treat my multiple fractures. so they sent us up to Ibarra (45 minutes north) to a really first class hospital. This was my 3rd IESS hospital. They put a cast on my arm and then said they were admitting me as surgery was necessary. Everyone was again very friendly and helpful as they settled me into a bed in a room with several other patients. They took blood and urine samples as well as my vital signs.  During my stay, they took numerous x rays, performed many blood tests, and were continually checking my temperature and blood pressure...I was also hooked to an IV which provided saline, Pain Medication, and antibiotics.  They said I would be moved into a more private room later that evening and I ended up with 3 roommates who also had broken bones.There were lots of conferences with more and more specialized. Orthopedic surgeons.Again everyone was very cheerful and helpful! They decided I needed surgery to install a 6” metal plate with 8 screws to hold all the fractured parts together with the Humerous bone which was also broken.All of this was happening on my Birthday so instead of enjoying a martini in front of a roaring fire along with filet mignon and birthday cake,  I was in a hospital bed awaiting surgery!

One of the doctors decided to put a new lighter cast on my arm as I had complained the one I had was very heavy to the point where it was getting hard to move.

I stayed in this hospital for 6 days and although I would have given anything to be with Bob and Coquita in our beautiful Cotacochi home I was treated great by everyone I encountered!

Bob was wonderful and drove every day to see me as well as bringing me special cookies as a special treat!   

During one of his trips to visit me, the fuel pump went out on the car in front of the hospital.It was late in the day so he decided he and Coquita would spend the night in the car which they both survived very well. He spent all the next day going around with the family members of one of my roommates,  who volunteered to help,  so that next morning our new friends found a mechanic to come over to the hospital.  The good news was it was only a fuel pump and not the whole motor, etc. So a tow truck took Bob over to the mechanics garage, we got a good deal on the right fuel pump and he dropped the gas tank and replaced the whole thing, and replaced the gas tank, and now the car runs like new...total cost with pump under $200.including towing the car to the shop! Then the family invited Bob and Coquita over to their home for a wonderful lunch!

That's it on the good news.  I was in all lot of pain even though they were giving me pain medication  The hospital orthopedic surgeons decided they did not want to tackle my severe injury. so they transferred me by ambulance to Quito -over 2 hours drive away.. There are many top surgeons in Quito.The IESS hospital did not want to tackle my operation, so they put it out for “bid”-to private orthopedic surgeons all over the country-which is why I ended up in Quito. I arrived on Friday and had the surgery on Saturday morning. It lasted about 3 hours but I came out of it fine.Again quite a bit of pain but they kept adjusting my pain medication. This was my 4th IESS hospital. The staff was wonderful-the food was actually very good and they had staff cleaning every 3 to 4 hours. Also when I arrived at the hospital they put me in a private room with bathroom, couch,T.V etc.

This shot show the plate and screws holding everyting together...

I was in this hospital for 6 days and Bob drove the 2+ hours every day over curvy,mountain roads!!! I’m lucky he didn’t end up in the hospital.

I was released on a Thursday and we stayed in the Cotacachi home until Sunday a.m. which was great therapy for all three of us. We drove the 12 hours to get home-needless to say Bob was exhausted,  but we arrived to hugs and caring by the entire Agripina and Isidro family plus an entire dinner waiting for us in the fridge,  made by our friends Tim and Janet and Shawn and Bill!!! Bob has continued to be fantastic-he waits on me hand and foot since I can’t do anything with my right hand.

I have started physical therapy in Ancon-my 5th IESS hospital. It is one hour and 20 minutes from home and Bob drives me twice a week. The staff at P.T. are great and I am making quite a bit of progress. They have Electronic Muscle Stimulator machines that I receive treatment on every visit-and then they have me do exercises that push me to my limit-but everyone says that's normal!!

Doctors have told me that the force required to break my arm like this, could have killed or paralyzed me, if the impact was a litle higher than my shoulder.  I am thankful everyday that I only have to deal with this reparable shoulder.

Every treatment I have described was covered by our IESS Insurance plan-$73.00/month. I can’t say enough about how well I was treated and I am thankful to all the wonderful people who took care of me and continue to do so!!!!

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The Kid's Christmas Party was the best ever!!!

We are just now coming up for air--the party came off perfectly! It started with some of the local kids performing traditional Ecuadorian dances--then Papa Noel appeared and greeted all the kids,  who were absolutely delighted! 

The kids then lined up to receive their gifts, while Bob took their picture with Papa Noel.  Some of these children have been coming to our party for 10 years and have received a 5"x7" picture for every year.

While the received their gifts,  we served the hot dogs, chips and coke. We gave out 350 gift bags, served 550 meals in 21/2 hours.

Here are a lot of photos of the fun time!


Roxanne is enjoying seeing the happy faces...

This is a sample of the goodies that were in the gift bags...

The older girls all got a doll with changable dresses...

Here's Roxanne posing with just a third of the gift bags in the photo!

Bob is posing in front of the ancient oven that will cook 625 hot dog buns for us to be ready on the day of the party...

Here's Agripina, and daughter Sonia, cooking the wieners so the plastic covers can be removed easily.  625 of them...whew!

Tim and Janet did great work!  Tim delivered several hundred hot dogs, and Janet took most of the preceding photos...

A few days before the party, Tim and Janet helped us fill 600 baggies with Cristmas candy and animal crackers.  It's a big job eating the broken animal crackers, but somebody has to do it!

Bill and Shawn were terrific!  Bill also delivered hundreds of hot dogs, and Shawn made sure that each plate was complete!!


Just some of the crew that helps keep the party rolling!

Robinson and Bob pause just before things really get going....


The end of a perfect day!!!

In addition to thanking all the people who made this day a huge success, we want to thank again, all the friends and relatives who have supported this party, many for years and years...we could not do this without you!

We hope that all of your wishes come true in 2018!

Thanks again,

Bob and Roxanne

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