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First night in our new place...Phone 05 2625 525 (new)

Got lots of news...it´s Sunday morning, and my normal <internet cafe is closed.  this one has a weak keyboard...so lots of backspacing...


If anyone thinks the legal system is backward here, we beg to differ...the contract we signed was every bit as complex and complete as any of the ones we have used for years.  The good news is that we got a penthouse with a really pretty view of the ocean. and a private rooftop of about 500 sf that seems to be totally ours...it has a 360 degree view of the city, three hot tubs, and we intend to get some kind of entertainment furniture to go with it.  <others in the building could use it, but they all live somewhee else. 

As for the place, it is a one bedroom brand new place, which comes complete with everything.  The custom here in Ecuador is that most apartments come unfurnished, and <i mean without even a water heater <(the reason that my caps seem to be that little squiggle is that the keyboard has a squiggle where the shift key goes...<So on we go...this one comes with a brand new, never used washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, all the hot water you could want a gorgeous view from two decks, a really nice medium firm bed all utinsils needed to cook with, and even a bar b que with briquets. Í´ll try to load some pics...we figured the personal property that we would have had to buy normally would have topped $3,500.00 so guess we can afford a little wine in a bottle with a real cork...


Rox had a funny experience on the first nite in our beach hotel a couple of days ago.  We usually drink cafe con leche with breakfast, which is a mixture of instant coffee and hot milk.  Normally, they just bring the two all mixed up.  This one morning the waiter, (by the way, all the services in this country seem to be run by really cute boys and girls who seem to be about 17.)  this waiter had a little tin cup with coffee in one hand and a pitcher of hot milk in the other.  <He asked Rox to ¨¨say when¨¨ and she kept letting him pour and pour...his eyes kept widening, so when the cup was half full, she said ok...well it turns out that he had enough coffee in it to choke even Richard...After all the milk was added, thee was still plenty for me to ask for three quarters cup of milk and pour some of Roxs cup in mine...stilll raised the hair on my head...




Prices here vary all over the place...Equal sweetener´STA71270.JPGcosts twice as much as Wal Mart...but a dozen roses costs a buck.  Rox filled the new place with flowers for 3 bucks...I say bucks, cause it´s hard to find the squiggles on new machines...those roses are now opening up to be about 3 inches across, and the most beautiful combination of yellow with red trim that <I have ever seen.  Did you read in the Owner´s Manual that Ecuador sends regular plane loads of roses to Russia everyday...


Rox has found some white wine that comes in liter boxes like milk that we were served in a restaurant one time, and it´s not bad for three bucks.  Sas some Seagrams booze for seven bucks a bottle atthe supermarket yesterday.STA71251.JPG


Tomorrow, I hope to meet with an internet guy to get my own machine hooked  up...now to try for some pics  no luck on the pics...




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