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What´s not to like about a flock of parrots...

Was drinking a really nice copa de cafe from my new 16 ounce cup this morning, planning the day with Rox...where is all this down time we were supposed to have...the things to do list is just as long...in fact she wrote it down on the back of the huge supermercado bill from yesterday...


So, where was I,  at about six we heard what sounded like a huge cat fight, but it was at the same level as we were...and what to you know...there was a flock of about a dozen parrots flying past us from left to right...all solid green, but with some red on their heads...hope to see them again...but sort of made our day already. 

Also had a stray kitty cry at us from five floors down at the base of the driveway, so we crumbled up a crust of bread and tossed it down...that cat will probably be at our door in this really high security apartment tomorrow morning.  Certainly the bread was gone..


Still working on the internet wireless connection...should be in by Thursday...contract had to be approved by HQ...

This is Dave´s actual birthday...so bro´s give him a call...

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