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Sold the Vette, with no time to Spare!!!

First I found out I didn't have to go to Medford to get a Budget one way car for the drive to Portland--they had one in Grants Pass...and that was primo!!! 


Just now, on the afternoon of our last full day, I sell the Vette at 5:30 pm!!!   I get the Ford Focus as I am delivering the Corvette and picking up the dough...quite a trade!!!  Mom always said you can go anywhere with a bag of money...


Art sent us a bunch of nice pics of the going away party, and here are a couple of me and Rox with Rich...just putting them up cause we kinda look ok...am thinking of taking Mike's advice about posting pics, and making a lot more available at go daddy.com...will probably attach a link.


I'm sitting here in a cleaned up office with a huge L-shaped deck bare of everything except my new laptop, which really looks lonely without all the other puters and printers and fax and scanning machines.  I felt like I was losing an old friend when I bundled up the HP win 98 desktop and took it to it's final resting place today.  Funny how you get so attached to your computer...almost like a really good friend or a loyal doggie...

Doing a lot of stuff for the last time today.  It's even hard to say good bye to the goldfish and koi...we feel great that Mike and Sandy are going to adopt the kitties...We had a final meeting tonite...and the cats  seemed to be taken with them already...course you cat lovers know, that that just means that they slept in the same room while we all talked...

Taking off to Portland tomorrow...


















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