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A Sunday drive to the Beach--pass me a banana, pls...

The west coast of Ecuador is one solid beach, and the trick for us is to try to find a view of the perfect wave...we don't even care if rolls left or right...lots of stuff to see and dream about, but the trick is to try to get the beauty, access, price, and infrastructure all in one package...rox%20with%20car%20at%20beach.jpg


So...that is why we took a drive to Crucita today...the home we found on a Crucita realtor's website, said it was about a 40 minute drive north of Manta...well after driving for an hour and a half, we finally topped a ridge and saw what looked like ocean...turned out we had missed a critical turn...but the road was a lot better, so no hay problema...The town is pretty much built on the Sunday tourist trade, and whenever holidays come around...and the rest seems to be traditional agrarian and light commercial fare...and of course, there is a massive fish catching and processing industry...zillions of blue fishing boats, and thatched roof processing sheds, all standing idle because today is Sunday.  Sunday is family day in South America, and they take it seriously...most folks work 5 days plus saturday morning...It is a pleasure to see that family is so deeply ingrained in the one day off each week.  bannana%20grove.jpg

The beach is at least five miles long and there are neat little cabanas set up to shade the paying guests and provide a little privacy...on the other side of the street there are a million little bars and restaurants catering to the hungry and thirsty...

STA71296.JPGWe stopped at a neat little bamboo and thatch roof place with a round bar in the middle surrounded by tables,  all about 30 feet from the beach...we have discovered a rice dish that comes fried and mixed with a ton of seafood...about 4 bucks, but could feed a lumberjack...so we chowed down, and managed to draw in a few tourist citizens, who probably figured if the gringos were eating with such gusto, than it can't be that bad...and they were right!!!view%20from%20ridge%20crucita.jpg

Got to drive around to see some pretty neat homes, and some on the beach, and others like I referred Rich to, but Rox liked them better than I did...I'm getting to like the infrastructure thing...


I took several pics of the area and some banana groves (plantations?) just to show the countryside...there were about a million little stands on the way selling whole massive bunches of green or ripe bananas--I should get a price for that package...just for curiosity's sake...will check back later...STA71299.JPG


And I bet you all didn't know where Noah retired to, did ya?  Well take a look see...ark.jpg

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