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Got a Light?

Been meaning to make a comment about smoking down here.  As you have read in the Owner's manual...they say that almost everyone smokes sometimes down here.  Well that may be true, but I have to say, that in three plus weeks, I have seen maybe 5 people total with a cig in his hand.  The restaurants all have the "No Fumar" sign up, but also have ash trays on the table.  But....no one lights up hardly anywhere.

Not trying to make a big deal out of it, but it is different from what the guide book implies...


Also, went to the Supermaxi supermercado yesterday, to get my copy of the "Safeway" card, and you would have thunk that I was trying to rob the place...Passport, second ID, Home Address, Phone,two local references...

Anyway, didn't know how important that was until I had a 31 dollar food bill  a couple of days ago, but the actual cash required was over $40.00, they said that the prices marked were those available with the card...now I know...When I used it for the first time, there was a big "Robert Hedges" right on the TV screen that shows what you are buying...so much for being undercover...

Also, gave the staff a big laugh when I filled out that I was married, using the word consada instead of casado...meaning not that I am married, but that she(Roxanne) is tired...big laugh among the chicas...


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