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Bahia Bound

Well, it's Saturday morning at 4:40am and we're up and  moving slowly...don't have to go to school today, so we're excited about driving up the coast from Manta to Bahia.  If you google map that area, you will see that there is a pretty good road inland, but it's longer, and then a scrawny little non red line hugging the coast--guess which we're taking?


Kind a thot that we'd see if there was any Real Estate to be had that didn't cost an arm and a leg...We still have run into only one American since we've been down here, not that we've been out looking, but you can usually hear some broad accents if you listen up.  So...we are getting plenty of time to practice our espanol.  We are a lot more confident after four lessons, but, as usual, getting a little knowledge, lets you know how much you don't know and still have to go.


So, we're packing a picnic and a overnight bag and heading out...


On the banking front, went into our new local bank, and picked up our new plastico (Tarjetas, actually), and got a little surprise, was going to plop another two grand in worthless traveler's checks into our account and Jorge told me that now the bank has decided to charge 2.5% on any check that is deposited...so for fifty bucks, I decided to put the checks back in my pocket.   So far, we have been able to use them for lodging, and the Spanish school. 


Went out last nite for dinner at our favorite hotel restaurant, got served some pretty good chow--I had rice and a bunch of seafood, and Rox had a Filet Mignon...she has been spoiled by Luiz our Cuban friend from Quito...the steak was darn good for five bucks, but not exactly as good as in Quito..., and for the third time, we were the only customers...So any thots that there is an invasion of estranjeros waiting in line to spend their money down here is just a rumor.  Think the slowdown in the US is spreading thruout the world...money is starting to move a lot more slowly...


Course, all of you really smart folks know where the big sucking sound is coming from...Read the google news for five minutes a couple of days ago, and promptly clicked on the X in the upper right corner after five minutos...blood pressure went right back down...

So today, we really are vamoosing a la playa, Ya Ya Ya  will take some pics to post later...


Got a little essay I'm planning...goes like this...we are witnessing from our apartment, a six story building being built by a traditional labor intensive method, using very few or no power tools, heavy equipment, or metal beams...mostly everything is concrete mixed in a portable mixer and hauled over to the site by wheelbarrow...and then a block away, there is a ten story building being built by a Lebnese company using the most equipment intensive methods available here...quite a contrast...will show pics later...






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