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Saturday ride to the Beach...

Got back to our place about 4:00 pm...bought a couple a palm trees for the deck...they look just fine...but hauling them up four flights of stairs just about did me in.  Don't know if I ever mentioned that our place is stairs only...we are getting used to the climb...so maybe not such a hardship afterall...just don't haul two trees up at a time, and then go down to the car and haul groceries and an overnight bag up the second trip...whew!!


Enough of the bitchin...got some fun pics to share...here are some pretty big birds that we came across near about a million acres of rice growing.STA71325.JPG







Another of the same rice farm with a pig helping mow the lawn...STA71329.JPG








Can't fool this crowd--betcha you thot that I was fooled by that pig in donkey clothing!!




OK--here's the piggie...STA71330.JPG









Now I know that you all were disappointed cause i didn't show any cowboys with the last batch of cows, so here are dos mas...STA71334.JPG




Oh, and I guess you want a real cowboy with a hat and boots--and not some guy who looks like Jim L who just got out of a Semi???

Here goes...STA71346.JPG




and now I spose you are tired of talking about birds, donkeys, pigs, cows, and cowboys...well, OK...got a little better story...



This is a real banana and rice growing country (lots of wonderful fruit, but I don't know what they all are yet), and we see huge bunches of green and ripe bananas for sale everywhere...I don't mean a bunch like from Safeway, I maan the whole big monster mash...so asked Karen, our language teacher, just what the price might be for these hundred or so bananas, and she said TWO BUCKS!!!--No wonder you can't keep 'em down on the farm!!!  Take a look...STA71340.JPG

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