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More on Bird Watching...

Finally figured out where all our birds go in the winter...we have dozens of swallows flitting around our balcony...and not just the barn swallows that come from Grants Pass...there are some really pretty ones...bright orange and red...guess they don't like the travel north.


Looked out to sea a couple of days ago and thot my eyes were playing tricks on me...saw a whole bunch of dots--then I realized that about a quarter mile offshore, there was a black cloud of migrating birds--these weren't too big, and they seemed to be black or dark colored, and they stretched from left to right as far as I could follow.  I can't imagine what they were or how many, but more than I've ever seen at one time.  Remember, Our Continental Pilot mentioned on our Houston to Quito, that we had a 125 mph tailwind...that would make migrating south a lot easier for a lot of birds.


and...we saw a new brand of little parrots this morning...they were solid green, but about a big as sparrows, or a tad bigger...they were about a dozen, and seemed to be paired up already.  I guess parrots have a identifying screech, 'cause both Rox and I started looking for parrots as soon as we heard their sounds, and true enough, there they were!!


and ...the power was out when we woke up, so made coffee on our gas stove, stayed in bed and studied verbs, nouns, and definite and indefinite articles, and how they go together, match with gender and number, and all that fun stuff...just about the time our head was spinning, the lights came back on...so adjourned to the deck for bird watching and BSing...

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