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Houston--Bobnrox have landed!!

Well, we had a great flight with Continental...very professional, ahead of schedule, and super courteous...however, I have to admit I did help a little.  We were sitting at the bulkhead seat with plenty of legroom for all of us, when I noticed that two stewards couldn't get the bathroom door back on its hinges.  I stood up and showed them how the little widgets went in at the top and bottom and that the bi fold door had to load from the inside...even then we fought it for a few minutes...the chief stewardess mentioned that the Captain was holding the plane until we got it installed, and if we didn't do it, he would turn around and go back to the dock.  Needless to say, this did Rox no good for confidence in the plane.  We got it done, the plane took off, and we got free drinks for our effort...


However...it is not all glory for the nut behind the wheel.  We were hauling so much stuff thru the various stations, that we just kept going to the next level...you know---take your shoes off and stuff like that...when I discovered, as I was loading the tray for x-ray, that the rental car keys were still in my pocket...duh!!!  The car was sitting in front of the airline curbside check in with the lights on.  I tried to run back so I could turn it in, but the TSA guys and ladies said no dice...The car rental was not open yet, so i couldn't call them to let them know.


To make a long story, longer...I finally called them from HoustonRox%20in%20Houston.jpg, and was told that they had the car but no keys...I told them that TSA made an exception for an ol' coot like me, and kept the keys in the TSA booth for later pick up.  So...a good ending.


Now...how about taking five knives thru the check point???  We were told that one of our carry on bags was a little too big, so we elected to switch bags with a smaller one that we had intended to check.  We didn't know that the new one was the one with all of my pocket knives...so they are being mailed back to our Hugo address.  Nifty little setup, that...just throw the junk a little plastic bag, fill in your name and address on the computer, give them 13 bucks, and off it goes...for use another day...


We are now about two hours away from boarding for Quito...This Houston airport is mighty nice...we had a really good lunch...and lots of Arnold Palmer's and Martoonies...see pic



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