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More on Bahia Trip

Here are a few pics...will discuss them shortlySTA71239.JPGSTA71341.JPG...this is the peninsula of Bahia de Caraquez where the bay meets the ocean...those are highrises where people buy and rent uscale apartments...down below here is the ferry that hauls people and cars from San Vicente to Bahia for three bucks!!



This oak tree was really interesting...several signes posted by authorities not to cut down trees and to Respect the Environmentoak%20tree%20cropped.jpg

Down below is an onion field that I liked--heavy sacks...onion%20field.jpg


Saw a first class bus with sunglasses painted on the front to frame in the massive windshields...couldn't get my camera quick enough, but shot one that will give you an idea of what they all look like.  They mostly have A/C, but this shot was at 8:30 from front of our school building, and temp was about 65 degrees...STA71359.JPG






As we were sitting  at that beachfront restaurant that we showed in the previous frames, I asked the owner to point the way to the John...noticed that it was unisex, and also contained a shower without a curtain, located next to the one toilet...no big deal for me, but when I got back to the table, Rox also wanted to go, but by that time a family of eight was lined up waiting to get in...         Bad luck, 'cause they had been playing in the sand and ocean and were a mess, and each one took a shower, also, So 45 minutes Rox went in and the place looked as if a bomb had gone off...needless to say water, and sand, and salt water everywhere...We don't think they even thanked the owner of the restaurant, and we don't think they bought anything, either...oh well...


The Owner was not fazed...minutes later he was over with his granddaughter, showing off her new dress, and ear rings, and curly hair...Certainly grandparenting is a common denominator in every culture...maybe we should let grandparents do the diplomatic work of the world, and let the others stay home...



Also, In Bahia, met a couple in the yacht club, but they told us, in spanish much worse than ours, that the bar didn't open 'till three. Since the guy's language was obviously not spanish, I tried english, and Viola!!  He speaks!!!  They asked where we were from, and we said Grants Pass, and they almost dropped their teeth!!!  Turns out they were from Corvallis, just a few miles up the road...we introduced ourselves to them, they just said "nice to meet you Bob & Roxanne", but offered no name in return.  We had a little more small talk, but there didn't seem to be any interest on their part for sitting round and BSing.  They said that they were doing the sailing all over the world thing, and I guess we kind of looked a little old foggyish to them, so off we went wishing each other a nice adventure.  Rox calls them the drug smugglers, since we are both put off by folks who do not give their name when you give yours in a mutual introduction...

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