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Concrete Jungle on the Beach???

We've been hoping to land some kind of single family dwelling with a beach view, but there are a few problems with our wishes.  Most of the homes that we've looked at are away from the beach.  The beach property  is really old, which means they have bad plumbing, sewer facilities, and fixtures...sure we can fix all that, but we hope to find something we don't have to fix.  Or...they are a million bucks...(asking price).  So we have been looking at the condo way of living in high-rise apartment-condo buildings.  We are straddling the fence of practicality...don't know which way we will jump--probably just wait until something tickles our fancy...


In this same vein, we were walking on our beach yesterday, looking at the new buildings in various stages of completion, and shot a few pics...The one near our place is being built almost by hand--I mean no chop saws, any battery driven hand tools, and certainly no heavy equipment.  They are still working on the first floor that we saw when we moved in...here are some picsSTA71266.JPG...all the concrete that you see and that you will see in the next few pics has been hauled to a electric cement mixer by men carrying 150 lb pound sacks of cement on their backs--I have never seen a crew work as  hard as these guys...STA71287.JPGI will be adding pics of the guys pouring the back wall where you see just a bunch of sand right now...they are mixing all the concrete needed for that wall in the mixer and handing up a bucket to the guy on top for him to pour down into the forms.  (Gigantic cement trucks drive by this site daily on the way to the other job...more on that building later.)


Here is a more recent pic...STA71360.JPG

The next pic shows the guys moving an incredible amount of concrete into back breaking positions on the pour...STA71381.JPG
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