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Our first walk about in Quito

Took a little stroll about before lunch--Quito really is an old country...and one that shows that turmoil takes it toll on infrastrusture...the downtown is very tourist oriented with english subtitles on a lot of stores.  Spanish is about 90 percent all that's spoken here, and we definitely had to dust off our 3rd grade level abilities to get along.  It's coming back, tho...STA71172.JPG


It was sunny and hot when we ate lunch in the square, and now back in our room about 4;00 there is a huge thunderstorm dropping big drops all over...sure makes the flowers grow...Everyone is friendly and appreciates that we are trying to get our spanish out of the closet.  A lot of you have worried about safety, but to tell the truth, keeping a watchful eye helps a lot, plus there is a nice contingent of walking police patrols and private security in evidence everywhere.  Not like the Guardia Civil...more like clancy on the beat...plus we saw a whole lot more vulnerable folks on the streets whan we are.  Two americn girls sat behind us at lunch and seemed to be having a great time and two guys that must have been brothers were across from us...they appeared to be speaking German...


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