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Quito--we are here...

Sorry to be so late in updating...am having trouble getting new laptop to perform down here...this is being entered in an Internet cafe in our hotel.  No card-reader, so no pics for now...I have access in our room now, but pics don't seem to want to upload...STA71161.JPG

We had a great flight down...Rox is way better about flying for a lot of reasons...Continental is a truly great airline...everything was perfect from A to Z.-  our luggage, as much as any normal two folks ever could carry, was always with us and on time.  Well...to the story...we had another bulkhead set of seats for the Houston Quito leg of the trip but no seat mate, so it felt just like our own little train compartment.  The chief steward was from Quito, and he almost had a tear when we told him that we had come to stay.  He told us about where his sister lives in Quito and his folks in Casablanca on the Coast...we will check that out...


Seems like everyone took the travel guide seriously about no drinking cause of Quito´s 9300 ft altitude, So Rafael kept slipping Rox free Bombay Sapphire bottles...in fact, we still have one...eat your heart out Rich...The food was good and everyone was nice...


Now for our arrival...We loaded up our impossibly large amount of carry on and headed for the immigration desk...after dutifully filling out the immigration form...had a wonderful young lady take care of us and stamp everything...even had a large smile...then headed off to pick up more crazily heavy bags...needing two carts...walking past men in trench coats who had pics of folks in their hands...rox went over to one and said ´¨Oh you have pics!!!¨ he ignored her...then on to have our bags x-rayed...we had a lot of metal stuff in them, but they sailed thru.  Two really nice young men helped us unload our carts, put them thru machine and load them up again...by this time we were really tired and feeling the altitude...so what a good bunch of guys...they pushed these carts another 500 yds to the area where the public waited and whoopee!!!there was a big sign reading ROBERT HEDGES ANTONIA HOTEL with a handsome smiling young man waiting for us., That was the answer to a lot of prayers...getting to Quito...getting picked up...when we had absolutely no idea about where we were going.  Forgot to say that  I was hopelessly ugly American by spreading one dollar bills around like they were confetti...about that time we were so grateful that we had landed safely and were on  our way to a nice place with a big bed, that we wouldn¡t have cared if they were twenties...political correctness will come later.


Our little hotel is really nice...old but fixed up cute, like a B & B from the fifties...modern charging, however.  Had a really nice little french breakfast this am and will have to think about the South Beach diet a little later.STA71169.JPG  STA71167.JPG


Haven´t got out much yet...still adjusting...no altitude sickness at all, so we are cool...

Lots more later and pics too, just as soon as a find an Internet cafe which likes my puter..

Thanks to Rich for the call, and thanks to all of you for whatever you did to help hold up this airplane and make it land safely...we love you all...

Posted on Thu, October 4, 2007 at 10:33AM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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My My My,
Where to start. Well at least you did drop the car off and it was at the right airport. That's a great start.(I'm sure towing charges to the car rental drop-off can't be that much...but that can't include the bomb sniffing dogs, HASMAT team,DOT,etc. etc.)

What's this with bulkhead seating. I thought the class you were flying had no bulkheads. Just 60+ rows of seats that get smaller the farther back you go and the attendants had cattle prods.
And....you actually had a lavatory. Hay, I'm
impressed. It even came with a door. I thought that was just for 1st class folks. Boy, the BIG Cahoona is really is looking our for his woman.
You both look GREAT in the pictures (Both of the party and the travel pixs). Sounds like your both enjoying the adventure...even if this only day 1 & 2.

You two are MUCH in our thoughts and glad you defied gravity to get there safely.
Love....Bob & Martha

October 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBob (from BobnMartha)

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