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Play it again Sam...

Ecuador is just like the US used to be in the simpler days of the 50's...people are friendly, smiling, and very helpful.  We have been treated wonderfully by every person we have met.  Everyone helps us try to get our point over in our very fractured espanol...

We went out tonite to spend Rich and Nancy's food money, and boy did we ever!!!  Went to a recommended gormet Italian restaurant where we were treated like royalty...Rox had escargot for the first time in 37 years since we used to scarf them down at the Von Steuben in Garmisch, Germany--they melted in her mouth.  I had minestrone soup like nothing mother ever made...had tons of different kinds of bread, big martoonies, and Diet Coke Light, which is pronounced the same in expanol and engles...The Chicken parmasean was like heaven...way too much...but what the hey....thanks mucho rich and nance...we toasted to you twice...We always say you two would love it here...just like SF in gentler times...STA71176.JPG


And...we had a 50's style piano player who played the whole sound track of Casablanca...expected to see Bogart and Hepburn walk in the door any minute...you'll have to settle for this pic of Rox and me with him...STA71177.JPG

This whole country makes us feel good...

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