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Filet Mignon for $7.90...

Just wandered into a little steakhouse run by a bent over Cuban and his charming wife...Argentina beef, BIG glasses of pretty good Chilean wine for $2.50, and a really happy crowd of people who were chowing down.  I've cut thousands of filets, and never have seen one where the knife is run along the whole roll and cut like you would do smoked salmon, for example.  Ours was perfectly cooked, tender, and rolled up to include asparagus and had a little brown sauce swizzled on it.  Fresh portabella mushrooms, too.  The owner was a real kick...he spoke perfect english to us and german to a Swiss party of six, and rapid spanish to the locals.  He and one waiter kept seven chefs moving...and he managed to get a smile out of every table.   The music sounded like what you might hear in Havana in the 50's--some pretty good sounds, too...


There was one American couple who we saw only ordered a soup and salad--guess the guide book said you could save money by not ordering steak in a steak house.  We were paying at the same time, and we told them how much we enjoyed the meal, and they exclaimed that next time they might try the steak.  So much for saving $$$.


We told the owner that we were returning to our table number two tomorrow night...and he beamed...The nut behind the wheel had his camera, but gee, it doesn't work very good when the memory card is still sitting in the laptop.  So...another steak tomorrow...just so we can show you all the really neat 40's style Cuban look to the place--it's a tough assignment, but somebody has to do it. 


My new drink is Sprite Zero...since I was getting too toked up on caffiene filled diet coke and pretty powerful coffee before we left for breakfast, coffee con leche with breakfast, and coffee after lunch & dinner meals...Too wired to sleep thru the night...but that has one advantage, and that is the pics load just fine when noone else is on the internet.STA71180.JPG


It was Saturday night in Old Town, and the young folks were strutting in great looking duds, and doing young people stuff.  A few years ago, we might just have picked the bar with the most locals and the cheapest prices and played drinking games till we fell down.  (Opps...we already did that with the French Navy in Amsterdam in the 70's!!!)  More pics after I wander about at midnight...STA71184.JPGRox%20by%20window.jpg

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