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A little massage with that steak? Sir...

Went back the same really good and typical steak house for the second time, and had even better results...but first a better tale:

A couple had just been seated across the restaurant from us, when the man started looking really distressed...It looked that they might leave, since the man was complaining of extreme headache and dizzyness...obviously altitude sickness.  The owner saved the day by putting his granddaughter to work giving this guy a neck and temple massage.  You could see that his extreme pain was going away as she kept opening up more blood vessels so blood could flow normally.  To make a long story short...they were able to have a nice meal, and were extremely grateful for the way extra service...kinda hoped that I might get an attack, but no such luck...


Now for the fun part...we had a great time with the owner, since we were the first ones to arrive...still like to eat at 6:30...he took our pics and we took one of him with Rox...and we discussed the steak house business...he was really interested in our backgrounds...especially how we used to cut and bar b que the steaks..I'll put a pic here if I canRox%20with%20Steakhouse%20owner.jpg


We had fried calamari (squid) in a cevichi sauce (I misspelled that sauce)...tlhen ordered Filet Mignon again, this time in a smooth Spanish Sauce...way better than last night.  i cooked a pretty good filet, and this one was right up there with the best I ever did...and it was about 12 bob%20%20Rox%20in%20Steakhouse.jpgounces...melted in our mouths...plus we had great music...I'll add the name of the place tomorrow...right now I want to get the pics uploaded before the internet gets jammed up again...

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