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We are now car owners and scared to pieces...

Ok...now we have a cute little KIA Sportage, which is a medium sized SUV, and I had to take a taxi down to get the insurance, cause I sure didn't want to be on the road without it.  We hope to be able to post a pic of Jenny and Paolo who sold the car...she was in tears as she left us to put the dough in the bank, and it seemed very familiar to us as we remembered selling the Miata and the Vette.  Now I will try to upload...STA71197.JPG

We had a tiring experience trying to get all the red tape done with the car, but the worst was trying to cash American Express travelers checks--no one wants them...and I had to pay a 1.8% fee just to cash my own checks.  If you decide to come down, bring hundred dollar bills and a lot of ones for taxi's and tipping.  Plus Visa and ATM;s  We haven't tried the ATM's yet, but that time will soon come  Fernando, his wife Catherine, and Adriana the desk clerk were invaluable every step of the way.  Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and your friendliness, and for helping us get on the road.  Paolo and Jenny were terrific, also--In fact...these nice folks here in Ecuador are as good as it gets...Muchas Gracias Amigos!!!STA71196.JPG







Finally got the steak house pics in a litle better down below...


We may be out of touch for a few days, as we wll be traveling, and don't know where or how far...will try to hit an internet cafe once in awhile just to keep in touch...

Posted on Mon, October 8, 2007 at 02:48PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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Hi you two. So glad you got there safely. Am enjoying the vicarious trip to Ecuador.Brings back memories of my adventures in Spain and Puerto Rico before I met Victor. Keep on plodding and blogging.
I always found it helpful to listen to the radio and tv in Spanish. Words became familiar and I would ask the meaning of the word and voila! I already knew the word and then learned the language. Bueno suertes.

October 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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