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Build It & They Will Come...a builder's fondest wish...

As I said in the preceding entry, there is another high-rise being built by a Lebanese company using pretty modern methods...remember this is a concrete culture...not much in the way of massive I-Beams, and tall trees...so concrete rules the day...how you convert it from being sand, gravel, water, and cement into a 12 story building is the trick.  This building is a block away and is being built right on the beach, whereas almost all others here in Manta are built on the cliffs overlooking it.  When we moved into our apartment, they were at street level where we were (but, at the time, we didn't know that they had already built up five stories from the beach below...to make a long story longer, they have built up three more stories, since we arrived.  new%20building.jpg


This is how it looks from the beach, and the next pic is how the crew is adding floors as seen from the cliff-side.STA71369.JPG



Here's a close-up of the crew--notice uniforms and hard hats...also standardized prefabricated poles instead of bamboo, cut to length with a hand saw.

Also, when concrete is needed, a flatbed truck , loaded with bags of cement, arrives at 7:30 am hauling a absolutely Huge Concrete pumper...after that there is a continuous flow of massive, modern cement trucks all day.

Here is a close-up of the work crewSTA71366.JPG





An item in interest, which might make my point about demand for property...I was dressed the same way as you have seen me in the school pics, except I was wearing the Corvette hat that Rick & Carol gave me for my birthday, when I was snapping these pics.  As we turned to walk further down the beach, a very confident man with a very white hard hat detached himself from the group and hurried after us.  Turned out he wanted to give us his card in case we were interested in buying a condo.  Also--turned out he was the President of the whole She-Bang!!!  He probably got to be the President, 'cause he was a go-getter...and I tell you chasing after folks on the beach is go-gettin'...We had a nice chat, and we mentioned that we would be in contact about prices and such as the building got closer to finishing...


Just had to add in here a meeting of the old and the new...note the modern cement truck pausing next to the guys who are mixing all their mud in a electric mixer after hauling and loading it all by hand and then wheelbarrowing it to be poured into the forms...STA71392.JPG


The next pic shows these hardworking guys carrying cement bags that have to weigh about 150 lbs...they appear to be half again the size of the 90 lb bags that were common in the US, and I hated carrying those!!!  You be the judge...workers%20carrying%20cement.jpg

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