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Overview of our trip to Salinas...

Well, we just returned from an overnight trip down the coast to Salinas, where we spent the night on the sixth floor of a nicely renovated hotel looking right out on the beach...got lots of stuff to say and pics to show...don't know how organized this will all be, especially, since you all read it backwards from how I put it in...I'll try to encapsulate as I go, so each entry can sort of stand on it's own...


As Rox was reading the last few blog entries, she observed that I was  "maybe sugar-coating"  how it is down here.  Well, let me say, that i am usually trying to be the complete opposite of the CNN type of reporting, meaning that" bad news sells papers", so in some of the commentary and pics of today, I'll get into a few nuts and bolts of what's going on...


However, before I start, I have to say the The Ecuadorian people, as a whole, are the kindest, most hardworking, and least angry group of folks I have ever had the pleasure to be around...no exceptions.   Of course there is poverty, and it would be easy to shoot the hell out of terrible conditions I find in the countryside, and make snide remarks about 'backwardness" and so on...However, I'll leave that report for the highly paid mercenaries at CNN.


This is a country that has had eight presidents in 10 years...Most of them bought and paid for.  Now...there is a really good chance for the people to get ahead...but it is from a long way back.  The middle class is growing.  The folks that are extremely poor, are working together everyday to make their lives better, and they are helping their neighbors get ahead, also.  In addition, they smile and have fun...and make strangers welcome.


In my opinion, this is not backward...this is pretty darn good...

In the next few pages I will post a bunch of pics, and hopefully, you will be able to see a little more of the conditions, and the beauty, hereabouts...

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