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Anniversary Jungle Trip

Our plans are shaping up for the jungle trip...looks as if we will be taking about 12 days to drive to Coco...jump a Flotel for 4 days...sample a small piece of the rain forest...

Coco is to the east of Quito...the boat takes off down the river where there are no roads...we leave that Tuesday...

We take off this Friday right after class, and will stay overnight in Quevedo...Sat, we climb into the Andes and drive to the east side of Quito...don't quite know how far we'll get...then continue east toward Lago Agrio--an oil boom town named after a Texas town...then south, following the oil pipeline to Coco...

An interesting item...that oil pipeline goes from deep in the rain forest all the way to Esmeraldes on the north coast for shipping to points north...but the interesting part is that there is so much rain sometimes in the rain forest (duh) that the ground is a quagmire...so the indigenous people walk on the pipeline to get around and stay dry...

I'll try to check in if I can find an internet cafe with high speed connections...will be leaving jewelry and computer home this trip...taking instead...DEET and sunscreen...and malaria pills...Since we haven't seen a mosquito yet, we'll probably get to see mucho later...

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