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Each town specializes in unique offerings...

As we drove south toward JipiJapa, we noticed a strange phenomenon--it seems that each town offered primarily one type of souvenir to the exclusion of other types offered in other towns.  The most fascinating was one for which I neglected to get a photo--we were running along a flat, straight segment of road, and on each side were little thatched roof huts, measuring about 20' by20' with about four tables set up to eat.  Each place had a three drawer, stainless oven, freestanding in front, and connected to the standard, yellow 15 gallon tank of propane.  Now each oven was cooking what looked to be 3 inch round hot rolls, beautifully browned by perfect cooking. The cooks were holding pans of recently baked rolls out for us to see.  There were probably 25 of these huts, and each had a really cute girl waving at us tourists to come on in and buy.  The girls were just members of the family--but cute.  There was only one kind of roll made in all of these kiosks...and we never saw anyone selling like this again in a 470 km round trip...

Next, we came to a town featuring gold painted yard decorations, etc...STA71484.JPG















Then there was a jewelry offering...have to admit, however, this was prevalent in more than one townjewelry%20cropped.jpg






A little further down the road, we came across a town that had some of the prettiest and varied use group of hammocks that we've seen...STA71559.JPG















and just north of Salinas there was this offering of sea shells...nice, too.STA71500.JPG




Then we came across a lamp shade town...shades%20cropped.jpg



And lastly, another phenom where there is no pic, is one that we saw only twice, and that is a group of about 20 restaurants, all pretty much thatched huts, about 40' by 40'. all offering typical Ecuadorian food like rice with shrimp, and fried, breaded fish with fried bananas, and lots of freshly squeezed juices.  But in one town, they went a bit further...each chef was decked out in full chef's whites, and was waving a red handkerchief sized flag at the cars as they drifted by...quite a sight...It wasn't lunch time, so didn't stop...but we'll make a point to check them out on the next trip



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    Response: Kion Kashefi
    Each town specializes in unique offerings... - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    Each town specializes in unique offerings... - You can join here... - BobnRox

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