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Gettin' Ready to shove off...

Well, we are half-packed, and half-assed, ready for the trek to the jungle...it will probably be a piece of cake compared to driving a thousand miles of roads filled with assorted baches & Chapas (bumps & holes)...took a look at the tires, which I normally would have kept for another six months, but noticed a couple a little gouges and decided to put two radials on the front to take the bumps a little better.


We had an adventure at the hair dresser place yesterday...Rox had gotten a reference about a guy named Alex who was really good...well, we got there, and he blew in, decided to cut my hair first,  and off we went.  he does not mess around with snip, snip, snip...he just takes about half the length of the hair and it's gone.  So, around my head he went, then he went back for some more snip, snip, snip...and now I have a traditional Ecuadorian haircut...not too bad, and Rox likes it.


the adventure begins when she tries to get across to Alex and his assistant that she does not want orange, green or red hair.  So they look thru the book, and it's obvious that all the models had dark or black hair previously.  This is a significant different chemical process than that used for blond hair.  So they talked together, and finally he called a friend of his who spoke English.  Rox had never tried to verbalize what she wanted with her hair, and this guy didn't know anything about hair tinting.


Rox was getting terrified by now, but when they started mixing the goops, by rummaging thru the drawers and adding as they went, was when she really began to believe that her hair would end up on the bathroom floor tomorrow.


but all is well that ends well, and she got the best haircut and color that she has ever had...and when she went to pay--I was long gone--she was only charged one half of her Medford price, Including mine...you will get a chance to judge for yourselves when I can get her to sit still for a pic.



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