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Hey Rox...Let´s Drive Over the Andes for our Anniversary!!!

Saturday was a great adverture...we drove over the Andes...left Quevedo in the morning and heading East...and that is really a figure of speech, since we actually went in every direction of the compass many times...went as high as about 12,000 feet, saw the most wonderful sights, and now know why pictures just don´t tell the whole story, ever...Arrived at Baeza about 5 in the afternoon...what a trip!!!

We saw indigeneous people who even resisted the Incas who tried to subjugate them, and are resisting the authorities still today.  They wear their native dress everyday...and it feels that you go back in time for every 1000 feet up and away from flatland thinking that you go.  They were living their lives just as they did ages ago...

Plus...I got to shoot some fun pics of llamas...I really like those little buggers...Cant post pics till we get back cause this computer wont accept my memory card, and you can see that I havent found the apostrophe key either...no spell check

well, got to go...Rox is packing us up for the canoe trip that we take tomorrow (6 hours) to meet the floating motel which will take us down the Napo River for a first hand look see...


Right now, if we turned around and came back...the trip has been a huge success...

We had a great anniversary here at a first class hotel  in Lago Agria...will write mucho more when we return...


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