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We´re back and happy as clams...

Howdy folks...just a quick note to let you all know that we had a super fabulous time on the rivers, the jungle, and the floating palace...we have jillions of pics, but they will have to wait till we arrive home.  We are in Puyo now...which is  one day´s drive just south of where we were on the River...If you are checking the map, it is just to the right of Ambato on the east side of the Andes...we will be driving over the Andes tomorrow.  We have checked into a neat little German hostel for the night.


Just to give you a little preview of our fun times, we have pics of indigenous people in full get-up, parrots, monkeys, jungle shots...lots of vines that Tarzan would die for...and a bunch of great stories...For example...we had special drinks made for us out of native herbs for our anniversary celebration...´bout knocked our socks off...then had turkey for Thanksgiving...then had a big ol cake for another passenger´s fiftieth birthday...


We have driven on little back roads where we forded streams to get to the next town...went over bridges where we could see the valley thru the grates, and met some really great people who live the way they did many years ago...Also, we have a new respect for the rain forest, how fragile it is, and how man is doing his best to destroy it.  Believe me, the native folks appreciate and rebuild the forest...guess which kind of company is bent on destroying it...one guess is all you should need...


We are looking forward to our reverse trip over the Andes tomorrow...it would make a vacation in itself, and we feel lucky to get to do it again...sort of like driving thru Switzerland, but with more history showing...plus the air is clean, thin, and smells great!!!


Before I forget...I have to say that no one prepared me for the wonderful aroma of the rain forest...it should be bottled!!!  ´Here´s how I would describe it...imagine how a compost pile of pure leaves smells, or a lawn or farmer´s field that has been freshly cut, add in the aroma of your mom´s freshly baked bread, and then add in a touch of cinnamon...that is how I can best describe how the jungle smells...it has no equal!!!



Got to go now...Rox is waiting in the room and told me not to lose myself at the ol internet cafe...so will realy pile on the pages when we get back...probably late Tuesday...Take care of yourselves...
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    We´re back and happy as clams... - You can join here... - BobnRox

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I must be slow Bob, I need more than one guess to know which company. So tell me.

November 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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