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Here we go!!!

We left Manta at 10:45 after Spanish class--went 125 miles, averaging 20 mph--arrived at Quevedo at 4:45 pm, after traveling over a road filled with baches, holes, bumps, and chapas, (speed bumps)--you drive on whichever side of the road looks smoothest.

We didn't mind the slow going, 'cause the area is beautiful...after leaving the desert look of the Manta area, we begin climbing and the foliage quickly turns into a dense jungle look, with tall palms, bamboo, wild banana trees, and dozens of other really large trees and plants which sport exotic green that would make Oregon envious.

Spent the night in a brand new hotel (Palmer Hotel), with beautiful grounds, two pools, and a friendly patio where we had drinks...plus nice rooms and a great staff that catered only to us, since we were the only guests that night.STA71589.JPG

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