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Into the Andes...


The little girl in the third and forth pic was so cute and shy, that I had to put her in twice...Rox took the pic

STA72125.JPGIndi%20people%20close%20up1.jpgSTA72114.JPGshepherd%20girl.jpgSTA71627.JPGSTA71631.JPGWe left Quevedo Saturday morning and started climbing into the Andes...you say into and not over, since you are going up and down dozens of times...many times we saw a road in the distance and wondered who would ever use a road so remote, and gee whiz, 45 minutes later we were on it and looking back at the nuts behind us...seriously, tho...we were just about the only tourists (in a car) on the whole road...mostly a few trucks, some taxis, and a bunch of buses.

Here are some of our favorite pics of the indigenous people--as I said before...these folks have resisted many groups, from the Incas to the present government, who have attempted to bend their lifestyle to fit into another type of society.STA71630.JPG



STA71633.JPGThese folks are dressed very warmly in addition to being colorful.  While we were there, we had downpours that soaked everything...they just continued on...plus it got a lot colder at 12,000 ft.

They are camera shy, and usually turn their backs on an approaching vehicle, or the women hold their blanket over the lower portion of their faces and all you see is their eyes staring at you from under their little hat.




It is almost impossible to imagine how they can till fields by hand on mountain sides that are almost straight up!!!  Here are some samples of the hillside patchwork.STA72102.JPG



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