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And you thot that we were going to tell you that everything went smooth as pie!!! Well, Hah!!!

STA71664.JPGWell, everything didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped on the night we finished going over the Andes.  We were on a pretty good roll and thot we were really smart to stay away from Quito and all of its traffic jams...but little did we know that it could stretch out and bite us anyway.  Quito is a really fun town, but it snakes out in all directions, and there is massive reconstruction being done to many of the roads near it.  And...given the fact that Ecuadorians don't really believe in road direction signs, you can see where we are going.  Right--we got really, really, lost just going by on the east side, and ended up taking about 75 minutes of wrong roads.  It always gets dark at 6:30 on the Equator, and that lost time put is into the never, never land of driving to unknown places with no place to stay, and it was getting dark, and already raining...

We learned many years ago, that you always stop at 4:00 when traveling, and get a room, get a drink, and take off your shoes...and we broke our own rule...

Actually, I broke it...Rox saw a nice place on a road sign, but it was  already past when we saw it, and it was about 2 km up a dirt road...and the big Kahuna said..."relax, There'll be another place right up ahead...

The "right up ahead" was the small town of Baeza which was going thru a major road construction, and had mud everywhere...so I said, Let's keep going...we'll find something"  Rox was really great not to say "I told you so", but as we drove further and further into uncharted, unlighted waters, in the dark, the rain, and the crummy road, I can tell you that there was a icy draft coming from the passenger side...

We were approaching 7:00 pm, with absolutely no possibility of finding anything, I was really tired of driving, and Rox was really scared, when I suggested that we might have to sleep in the car.  Not a good idea! 

So...we decided to turn around and look for something in Baeza...about 30 minutes back...We rolled into town and finally saw a very old building that said "Hotel", decided that anything was better than staying overnight in the car.  We had been on the road 10 hours, again averaging 20 mph.

We pulled up to the hotel, and there was a little pool hall next door, and one of the guys came over to say something that we couldn't possibly understand, even with a lot better Spanish, but the gist of it was that there was no one in to manage the hotel right now.  I went in anyway, and the first room I saw had a bed that looked like an old sway backed horse..., the second, not much better, so I figured "OH S..T" I don't want to tell this to Rox...when the manager rolled in with a big smile on his face to tell me that the really good rooms were on the second floor.  I heaved a sigh of relief, and followed him up.  He was very proud of his rooms, and I could see that he had fixed them up himself, if you know what I mean.  But...this one had a private bath and a decent bed, and it was $12.00

I went to get Rox for the final OK, but seeing that there was no choice but to sleep in the car...we took the room...To say that it was Basic, was a compliment.

The construction in front of the hotel had left 18 inch curbs until the road could be paved...and when I asked if there was a place to park the car safely, I was assured that next to the Hotel there was parking with a gate that locked at night.  Even tho I have 4WD, I was taken aback when our host grabbed four 2 by 6 deck boards, lined them up, two by two, up the foot and one half curb, and indicated that I should just drive on up.

Naturally, I couldn't just say no, so off I went to try not to drive off the sides, or spin them off the curb so that I could drop down and crunch the radiator...I made it fine...and worried all night about how it would feel to back down those same boards in the morning.  (OK)

We unload, and our host grabs all of our bags and trots up stairs to our room, and wouldn't even take a tip...

We decided that we better eat, so we walked around Baeza, but found nothing open, so decided to go back and eat bread and cheese, coke and wine.STA71663.JPG



Actually, we like the cheese and dark bread, but we usually just have it for lunch...but after that great meal (Rox mentioned that it was a good thing that it wasn't 11-18-07), we figured that we could get some shut eye...well not likely, there was a politician across the street with a loud speaker who pontificated until midnight...and we had fireworks, kids draggin' main, folks talking in the pool hall, and more.  I finally fell asleep, but Rox was buzzin', but had no bedside lamp to read by, so used the wind up flashlight Rich and Nancy gave us.  She would wind it up under the covers so I wouldn't hear, but by winding so slow, the poor wind-up only lasted about 3 minutes, and she had to do it again...She finally fell asleep, but luckily the roosters started to out do one another about 4:00 am, so we said "what the hey" let's get up and get on the road...

This time the father of the young man who helped us the night before, helped us set up the boards to drive out, and we were able to get out in one try...lots of sweat, however...so, other that that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you enjoy the show?

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