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On to Lago Agrio & Coca...

STA71681.JPGSunday, our anniversary, we drove some really good roads, and a few that looked like river bottom...and we are finding that our little Kia Wagon is a pretty good machine...like the energizer bunny, it just keeps chugging along...

We arrived in Lago Agrio at noon and discovered a great hotel with all the living and entertainment areas set well back from the road.  It had pools, a water slide, beautiful gardens, fish ponds, a nice restaurant & bar, plus a internet hook up just about 20 feet from our room.

We had a great anniversary dinner, and figured that we'd keep on celebrating for a long while to come...got some needed rest that night, and woke up rarin' to go on our adventure.

Took off for Coca at 9:00, after a nice breakfast, and followed the pipeline road all the way to Coca.  Checked into the Hotel Auca, which had the usual gardens, ponds, restaurant, and was also decorated with stained glass trimmed with native twisted woods and vines--very artistic.


Here is a pic of a few of the trucks we met on the way...STA71653.JPG


Note the ever-present pipeline...STA71655.JPG

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