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Coco Bongo Bar-B-Que

It was so quiet in town today that we went shopping at the biggest and easily most expensive mall in Manta..went crazy and bought a couple more $6.00 plastic chairs for the deck and some writing paper and note pads...but that's not the story...


It seems that the chicas have adopted a mode of dress that combines the hot NY look of tight fashion jeans, tank tops, fashion jewelry, beads, fringe, leather, cool hats, and combined it all with the Texas cutie and Valley Girl look of California...and since they all are size 3, they look great...well this look is not cheap...but it sure is pleasing to the eye...This Mall seems to have dozens of stores selling really with it fashion stuff, and I have to say, that the prices are higher than our middle of the road clothing stores...

I never paid much attention to women's purses, but there are a lot of neat looking ones in most shops--lots of leather of different textures and colors...mostly shoulder bags...and pretty large.

The guys still are getting the "dress down" shirt untucked, baggy jeans, surfer, NFL jersey, hat backward look.  But for a lot of bucks...Rox went into a surf shop that featured some shower shoes that looked cute, and came right back out saying that the price was $39.00!!   A little high since most of the stores sold 'em for about seven bucks.


Rox read this entry and said that I didn't get it quite right...She found lots of cute tops for about 7 bucks and other items were a lot more reasonable if you just looked carefully...so maybe the financial load on the cute chicas is a little less than I first reported...

Well that gives you an idea of the mall scene here--it was noon so we headed out to a little beach resort that we had had our eye on to check it out.

This place is called Barbasquillo (resort) and the little place that served lunch at the beach was the "Coco Bongo Bar-B-Que" which sounded good even before we sat down.  here is a table settingSTA71395.JPG...I took the pic cause I liked the little parrot napkin holder...




I order my favorite these days Fried Rice loaded with Shrimp...take a look--four bucks...STA71396.JPGthose are really long fried bananas...taste great...


Rox found breaded, fried calamari (squid) which looks like the following pic, and commented that it was the best that she has had since we discovered that dish in the Canary Islands in 1970...so, good things come to those who wait...those round yellow things are sliced, breaded, fried bananas...goooood..STA71397.JPG



a little more local colorSTA71403.JPG





And...Rich, here you go--just the thing for when you quit your day job!!!STA71404.JPG

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