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A little perspective...

Ruth asked if it was humid, and I had to scratch my head to think...but I don't think so...not like the books say anyway.  it is more humid than Grants Pass, but way less so than say, Hawaii...  Our language teacher is very helpful about a lot of stuff besides conjugating verbos...she said that Ecuador was in the second year of a drought...and the the universal consensus is that it is tied directly to global warming...they don't have any trouble believing the concept down here...Calentamiento Global...comes right out of the third grade text...

While on the subject, don't believe all the bad stuff that you read in the papers about Ecuador--Washington has a definite agenda there.  Ecuador's President has a 76 percent approval rating...quite the reverse of other president's we know.  He got that rating because he cares for the people.  He has a doctorate in economics from the University of Illinois, and has spent much of his career making sure that the Indigenous People get proper representation and protection for their reserves (meaning the rain forest).  40 percent of Ecuador's population is indigenous, like our Native American...so there are a lot of people affected by guess what???  big oil taking a terrible toll on their wetland heritage...

so this President is doing something about it...and a great majority of the population feels that the US Air Force got a foot hold at Manta because of shady dealings with the previous administrations, bypassing the Congress and the Supreme Court for approval...

There is a ton more to this story...and I don't want to step on a lot of toes...so check it out yourself on Google

and to get back to Ruth's original question...The rains were supposed to start in October, and we did not get a drop...so now some of the smart forecasters are saying that it will really start in December...and so far we have had cool breezes every night and the sleeping is easy...


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Tienes una vista linda!

November 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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