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Tuesday...and it's 2am here...

As I was passing thru the living room, the little computer dinged at me, so I thot I'd take a little look-see...turns out that Ruth had written and was the second person to observe that I had not written for a day or two...wanted to check to see of all was fine...thanks Ruth...I was going by the premise, that I would not write just to fill space...and bore you all...


here are some observations...I believe that since we are on NY Time...that because Daylight Savings Time is over, that the west coast is now three hours different than we are...let me know if I have that right...I think so...    Just noticed that my style of writing is the old "Throw the pig over the fence some corn on the ear"...Believe me folks, I do know the diff...but that's just how it comes out...


Been getting in the water as of late...at first, we just walked along the hard packed sand in dress down street clothes, but the last couple a times, just wore sandals, shorts and tee shirts...knew the water was was supposed to be warm, but this was like a bath tub...Rox read somewhere that the temp was 75 degrees...sure felt good...here's Rox on the beach


Watched these enterprising folks struggle with that cart all the way down that sandy access to the beach...bout 100 ft zig zagSTA71423.JPG.  The citizens of this country are so hardworking it is a pleasure just to be around them...



Here is a sunset, and a pic of our new little palm trees that we picked up and the palm tree place on the last trip to Crucita...




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