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Jungle Bound on our 40th!!!

Instead of just enjoying a really special dinner out, as we have done for the last 39 years on our anniversary, we have decided to shake things up a bit, and drive to the Jungle.  

If you wish to Google a map of our route, we plan to drive due east from Manta, thru Quevedo, begin climbing the Andes again, to Latacunga, and Ambato. then head southeast to Puyo, then head northeast to Pto. Napo--the jumping off point for the Napo River into the jungle.  We will either drive along the south side of the Napo as far as the road will go--we have 4WD, and then take a ferry across the river and double back, or...stay at one of the hotels at Pto. Napo, and try to get on one of those floating Boatels that make a trip up the river.  We took a ton of DEET 100 with us cause all the guide books said there were so many mosquitoes in Ecuador, but we have yet to see one. so we figure we can shower with the stuff in the jungle...


Naturally, I hope to take a whole bunch of pics that will make this blog slightly more interesting than pictures of concrete drying...ho ho ho...

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