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Pouring Concrete with Plastic-Wrapped Marshmellows...

When we moved in to our apartment,  the building under construction ,next door,  was just a big hole in the sand with some pilings edging skyward, and one side poured.  As we have watched for the last three weeks, the first floor has gradually been framed in, and covered with re-bar...we understood the concept until yesterday, when a ga-zillion plastic wrapped Styrofoam packages arrived on the site...and they started tying them down to the floor where we figured the concrete would be poured.  As you can see, the side framing is almost done, so we expect that this time a real concrete mixer will deliver the goods, and we hope, a concrete pumper...pushing all that mud by hand, will be a man-killer.  take a look...STA71440.JPG



Here's another shot of the baggies fastened down...i figure that the plan is to pour concrete about 10 inches deep, screed it smooth, and when it all dries, remove the underlying wood siding, and with it, drop out the baggies so that you save a heck of a lot of concrete, and you have an upside-down waffle effect underneath.  It looks as if they are trying for Sat pour, but a lot of stuff has to be done before that.STA71444.JPG


We'll stay on top of this fascinating development and report the big pour when it happens--stay tuned!  Could this be the reverse of watching Ice Melt or Paint Dry???




I'm writing this on Thurs Morning, and at exactly 6:00 pm last night, just when all the really tired guys were washed up and getting ready to pile into their ride home, this truck arrives with 150 bags of cement--I think that the realistic weight of these bags is 50 Kg (I think that makes the bags 110 lbs each)...so...it looks as if there will no big mixers and concrete pumper coming, no, it looks as if this whole pour will be done in portable mixers by hand and delivered by wheelbarrow...take al look at the delivery..STA71445.JPG



In this next pic, you will also see the portable mixers that will be used to pour this whole slabSTA71446.JPG--those barrel shaped items above the 07 in the date...

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