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Work ALL day--No Breaks--No Lunch--No Dinner--Ecuadorian Supermen!!!

STA71468.JPGSTA71465.JPGSTA71458.JPGToday is Friday, and the workers building the high rise next to us arrived before light--After working yesterday from Seven in the morning to 8:00pm without lunch ort dinner and never a break--getting ready for the manual pour...No Concrete Trucks--No Concrete Pumper!!!

As we left for class this morning at 10:00 we passed another THIRTY hardworking workers arriving to help in this job...they brought with them a portable concrete mixer and a small crane setup for bringing a 300 pound bucket of concrete up from the mixer to be dumped in a Rubber Tired Wheelbarrow.  And a Ton of Energy and strength...

Hopefully, these pictures will convey something about the job that they are doing...Here is the progress as of 4:00 pm Friday...we fully expect to see them working under the lights tonite...STA71475.JPG

We actually went to bed before they had finished the pour, and it's 4:30 am as I'm writing this, and I can see by the street light that the pour is finished and smooth.

Consider this--those two portable cement mixer never were turned off from 8:00 until way past 8:30 pm, and again we never saw an organized stop for meals or breaks.  The one man who was loading the closest mixer was never replaced.  We saw at least 5 trucks arrive with 150 bags of cement each.  This one man loaded half of that. 

Each load, took 110 pounds of cement, 5 cradles of sand, gravel, and rock, and 10 gal. of water.  The six young men feeding the rock never took breaks, either, as far as we could tell.  And the majority of the crew arrived before light Friday morning.

To say that we're impressed with these workers is an understatement.  Of course, we're not too impressed by the human relations aspect of this job.  But, that's for another day...


Saturday morning--all is quiet--concrete poured--700 120 pound bags of cement, numerous truckloads of sand, gravel, and rock--all done by hand!!!  (and two small electric mixers)...STA71480.JPG




And... in addition to all the hard work, Our cement loader still had time and energy to neatly stack the several hundred empty cement bags that he loaded personally...


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