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A little catch up (on your fries?)

Well, here are a couple of nice items that we thot we'd pass on to you...


Rox and I were standing in line at Ace Hardware (no kidding) with a full cart at the check out, when I noticed a young guy behind us with just a bug spray squirter, so I just told him to go ahead of us...he was really grateful.  We got to talking about the benefits of aerosol cans of spray compared to the plunger driven spray cans we all remember as kids.  This kind of stretched our shaky Spanish, but we got the message about cost benefit ratio.  Anyway, when he finished checking out he asked the cashier to use his discount card for our pretty darn big load of stuff--turned out to be a pretty big discount, so sometimes, a little good deed does have immediate gratification...and a nice feeling all around...


Since Ecuador does not have huge Christmas tree farms of fir and pine, etc, there is a custom here of just buying a artificial tree ($69.00 seems a little stiff), so Rox and I asked around for a live tree that we could plant later.  We found out a little fact that blew our minds.  As you all learned in third grade, plants assimilate CO2 from the atmosphere and give out oxygen...well...here the general population has the idea, that is unshakable, that plants inside your home take out the oxygen that you need to live.  Hence, not much demand for live house plants--go figure...so it looks as if we will have no trouble on that front, if we ever get a house...


and on that note--The house deal is looking very shaky right now...the owners are a little crooked (took most of the furniture that was supposed to be in the contract), and we are trying for a new contract without the furniture.  Probably won't go...will keep you informed.


In fact...we are sitting in our hostel in Montanita, overlooking the surf (78 degrees yesterday) trying to find a new place to make an offer on.  Also had good luck sending dough by wire, and will communicate the details to any of you who wish to write us an email...


Needless to say, we were a little down last night as we discovered that our house deal had been compromised, so we decided to go out to eat where the music was the loudest...turns out that the place was owned by a few Israel guys who provided what looks like a typical surfer haven, but behind the scenes is a computer driven sound system, and a sophisticated restaurant software program, up and running.  Well it certainly boosted our morale, when the owner, who had just introduced himself, went over to this sound program, tweaked it a little, and all of a sudden  "Roxanne"  by Sting was booming out all over the restaurant and the surrounding street.  thanks Tomar...

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