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Christmas shopping at the Hardware Store...

Well, Ace Hardware is located in the biggest mall in Manta, and Sunday was a terrific day for Ace...they also have tons of consumer goods from the States, and there were about a jillion folks filling out their lists, as we were trying to buy hardware to make the house habitable...Got a lot of stuff, but the list just seems to grow and not get shorter...


We are contemplating leaving Manta loaded with most of our possessions, and a ton of paint, a toilet, tile, and a lot of fis it stuff, all jammed into one seemingly shrinkable car.  We will also be taking our plants...so that should just about make us look like the Beverley Hill billies, only dumber...


We hope that the beds we ordered a couple of days ago arrive at the same time...or we will get to know how sleeping in a hammock feels...


Also, going to extend our tourist visa today...at Christmas time that should be a real kick...


lots more later...wish us luck...here's a pic of the placeSTA72164.JPG

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