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Swinging thru the Jungle--Tarzan I'm not!!!

OK...here is a little verbiage of how we spent our days in the jungle...

After arriving at the boat following a three hour bus ride and a 3.5 hour hot rod canoe ride we arrived at the floating hotel, were impressed by the nice crew and our upgrade to suites on the top level (next to the lounge and bar)...traipsed off to our cabins for a welcome change to dry clothes.  It wasn't cold, just wet...

We all gathered at the bar, when Fran suggested that we take a two hour night time walk thru the jungle.  There were four pretty emphatic votes for "not at this time"...or something similar...being dry, comfortable, drink in hand has a lot going for it.

So we hung out 'till din din and had a great dinner served by an attentive crew.  We were all pretty tired, so off to bed after dinner for our 5:30 wake up call for our 3 hour jungle walk.



This was a guide with a terrific story about this flower...seems that if a woman drinks a strong tea made from its leaves, it leaves her temporarily unable to conceive...and ...a steady diet of this tea for a not very long time will make her permanently sterile.  Needless to say, the church frowns on such self medication.  They will never run out of little Ecuadorians...

Rox diving right in to the jungle walk...Rox%20in%20jungle.jpg

We were already up when Fran arrived, had breakfast, jumped into the canoe and headed down river.  We met up with our native guide who would show us some fascinating jungle stuff, and between Fran and himself, educate us about how fragile the jungle really is and how dependent it is on a wonderful symbiosis between plants, animals, insects, and mother nature--guess who the villain is here...






moving right along with some animal picsSTA71709.JPG




How about a little color?STA71720.JPG











Almost humanSTA71731.JPG




helps to have a telephoto





a little nature depicted in all its glory...nature%20statues.jpg






Moving right along...STA71742.JPG



there were a bunch of these "spread deck" trees in the jungle, but this one was the best shot.








plenty of thatched roof huts all over Ecuador...just a lot more in the Amazon region...STA71779.JPG




These wild parrots made a real racket, but were hard to photograph cause they were back lit, and u high...STA71813.JPG




an unknown guide probably carved this face in this tree in about three seconds...they can do amazing with those machetes...STA71845.JPG

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