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All Dressed Up--No Place to Go...

Just got an extremely disappointing email from brother Rich...seems that the cold-flu bug that they have been fighting the last few days, didn't give up, and they have to postpone the trip down to see us.  We explained that the hectic pace we have been on to get the place ready for a visit, is for us as well as them, so no harm, no foul.  We just have a fixed up place a little sooner, that's all.


Not to mention that the trip is hard enough without doing it feeling lousy...and the folks in the plane will appreciate not being infected thru the A/C, and naturally, we would like that bug to remain north of the Equator...


Hopefully, their idea to come in about three weeks works out for health reasons, and scheduling realities...


But...we are still hugely disappointed...but now maybe we can kick back a day or two...and just smell the roses.


One bit of good news...we seem to have our own iguana...saw him or her this afternoon, but couldn't get a pic, cause I had the memory chip in the puter...then saw Hector again, and had the batteries in upside down...Hector did go up the same coco palm both times, so I will try to find out what makes them tick and report back...pic later...

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