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Christmas in Ecuador...

Well, we made a pretty darn good turkey dinner, considering that we were in a half finished kitchen, and have limited pots, pans, utensils, and spices...We cooked the turkey in our new oven, and had to convert centigrade to Fahrenheit to make it work...it took about one half hour longer, cause we probably missed the exact number on the dial, and the oven may cook a little cooler than we thought.  But...it tasted the best that we've had in a long time...haven't bothered to mention that food here tastes great, cause there are no growth hormones added, and they don't pick the stuff green and spray it to make it look ripe.  The poultry and pork taste like they are supposed to...


We had a nice dinner and watched the sun set over the waves...talked a lot about our plans and what we've done so far...we liked it a lot....


here are a couple of picsSTA72347.JPG


and one of RoxSTA72348.JPG

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