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Let me get this right--It's Paint the Town Red, Not the Turkey!!!

Thot we'd clue you all in our the process whereby our turkey was roasted...


Seems that when we went up to buy paint supplies last week that Ace was plumb out of roller pans--we discovered this after filling the cart with paint, roller refills, polls, scrapper, etc.  So, Rox sent me off to our Super-Maxi food market for some kind of container from which to load paint rollers.  Well, believe it not, I came back with heavy foil turkey roasting pans, and they worked out just fine.  In fact, better, cause they had little handles on the sides, which made moving the paint encrusted pans much easier. 

But...when it came time to think about cooking the turkey, there was not a roasting pan to be found after searching about 15 tiendas, so...guess what?  Rox said that she would try scrapping off the paint from one of the "turkey-roller" pans...and she spent about an hour getting the lion's share off--and I came up with the idea that we should bake what's left in a hot oven, before trusting it to our first Ecuador turkey.

And it worked!  All the paint stayed where it was supposed to be, we made a great gravy from the turkey juices.  Just making a long story out of not much, but you get the idea...



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