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Some good vibes for the folks at our Spanish Language School

Rox%20%20Karen%20good.jpgRox and I spent four weeks going two hours per day to try to improve our language skills. and it gave us a really good grasp of the vocabulary that we need for everyday living, and gave us the confidence to try to speak when we are actually scared and tongue-tied.   The normal course for the school is a month of Four hour instruction each day, but we just didn't think our brains would  assimilate that fast.  So, with just the two hour a day course, we got enough knowledge to know that we need quite a bit more practice and instruction, but with what we learned, we were able to buy a home here in Manglaralto, negotiate on price and terms, and navigate our way through the paperwork required to cement the purchase. In addition, we deal with our contractors and service staff on a daily basis, and manage to get our point across. 

We could have done none of this without the expert and friendly folks at our Spanish Language School called Academia Surpacifico.


We received the following email from Manuel, the director of the school, and we feel it is a privilege to include it here, just so we don't make any mistakes passing on the information.

On Dec 18, 2007 12:08 PM, Manuel Bucheli <surpacifico@easynet.net.ec> wrote:
> Dear Roberto & Roxanne:

> Greetings from Manta, Ecuador!!. We hope you all are fine!!, and still
> practicing the Spanish language in your country.  All the teachers and staff
> of Academia Surpacifico have good memories about the different experiences
> you lived with us.

> We would like to ask you for a very special favour: If you enjoyed your
> experience with Surpacifico we would very much appreciate your referral to
> our school to help encourage others to consider taking Spanish lessons with
> us. In your favorite blog or forum will you please write your experience
> with a link to www.surpacifico.k12.ec . Please let us know the url (web
> address) where we can find your referral. This will be alot of help for
> improving the position of Surpacifico website in the different search
> engines.

> Surpacifico teachers and I will be very thankful for your help, thank you
> very much!!!!

> "Academia de Español Surpacifico les desea unas Felices Fiestas

> y un Año Nuevo Lleno de paz, prosperidad y buena salud.

> Con nuestros mejores deseos"

> Manuel Bucheli y sus profesores
> Academia Surpacifico

Now Folks, please remember, we decided to take only half of the basic course...so if you see us stumbling along as we try to communicate, just remember that the school instilled into us the confidence to plow ahead.  Making mistakes is part of the learning process, and we have to say that the Ecuadorians are very patient and honored that we try to speak their language, as fractured as it is...


So.lKaren, thanks a lot for being so patient with us, and being such a friendly and supportive profesora...


And, thanks again Manuel, for having such a nice school, filled with interesting teachers and students from all over the world.
Here we are...STA71321.JPG

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