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Happy Birthday to Me...

Well, I was on my first sip of coffee, watching the sun color the waves pink at sunrise, when Rox wished me a happy birthday...'course I knew it was coming, but didn't check the date...


It is nice to still be walking upright at this ripe 'ol age...and you all know how old that is...


I feel pretty darn good, except for a knee that is complaining about the pace we set when we were expecting Rich and Nancy...so, today Rox said no painting, just fun stuff...

On that note, here is a pic or two of me...STA72362.JPG  

I'm standing at our new kitchen bar--quite an improvement from the one that is downstairs...

Here I am on the deck with my Birthday CoffeeSTA72359.JPG



We're planning to take me out to the Casa Blanca Restaurant in Montanita tonite...ought to be great people watching as it is the Sat nite before New Year's and folks are jumping the gun a little...will try to keep a secret that it is a special occasion...they treat is pretty darn good already...


And...here is a pic of Rox at the new bar...STA72356.JPG

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