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And what did you do on your 40th???

Getting to the really fun stuff...we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our suite to see the towels and wash cloths made up into a heartSTA71787.JPG




then further surprised the next night when our chef arrived at the table with a native drink to celebrate...bout knocked our socks off...STA71980.JPG





then we had a little toast...good feelings all around...STA71981.JPG









then we had turkey for Thanksgiving!!!STA71982.JPG










and then Suzy celebrated a special birthday...and we all ate mucho cake...Birthday%20cake%20suay.jpg










This might be a good place to mention how extraordinary Franziska and the crew were.  She spent four years of her life building the "Jungle Discovery", and is the most accomplished person I have met in a long time.  Comes from Switzerland, is a great, and knowledgeable guide, can do every job on the boat, and never tires out.  When she finishes our tour of fourteen hour days, she brings back another group in the same trip we leave on.

And...the crew of the boat is also cross trained and generous and super-friendly.  The Ecuadorians are short of stature, but are the physically strongest people I have ever met.  they work really hard all day, have a smile on their face, and hardly ever seem to be in a bad mood.  Too bad you can't bottle a little of that "can do" spirit and send it where it is most needed.

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