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Disjointed Jungle Trip Comments & Pics (but, gee, you knew that already...)

Had a bunch of fun pics that didin't quite fit, so here goes...


Susy just sent a few pics, and a couple of me looked better than others, so here goes...Ecuador_Pics_SM__3_020.jpg


I liked this one of me and Rox in the loungeEcuador_Pics_SM__3_062.jpg


shot this one at 6:00 am while waiting for folks to stir...STA71986.JPG



This is a map Franziska plotted out for us to followSTA72009.JPG



The Chief was wearing several protected animal parts, so Franziska told him, that what was in the past was past, but she would not bring clients to is village if more parrot feathers were used in costumes or jaguar teeth used in ceremonial necklaces.  The Chief complied, and said that they had found the Jaguar's body years ago.  the other teeth are wild pig.chief%20up.jpg






The little girls were also dressed in the traditional garb--the women dislike being photographed...STA71947.JPG







and...I liked the look of this flower...STA72058.JPG




Cute monkey againSTA71728.JPG





this family was selling the boat a bunch of bananasSTA71891.JPG





These are hanging nests with birds that look and sound like oriolesSTA71900.JPG with much brighter coloring...




some of the crew just jumped in these dug-outs and rowed home when there was a break in the action...STA71917.JPG






This was a small bazaar put on the the women of the village that provided the pictures of the chief and our guide.  Franziska told us that purchases from tourists like us were their only source of income.  It seems that the women spend much of their off time making beads.  We were happy to do our part...STA71954.JPG






This root is about 15 yuca potato-like items.  Our guide went into one of the village gardens, and starting whacking up this 5 foot bush, got down to the nubs, and used his machete to whack out a circle about two feet wide, then started pulling at the stumps, eventually this whole root came up.  He then took a piece of a branch, cut it to about 12 inches long, prepared a little spot in the ground without weeds, and stuck it in.  Franziska told us that there would be a harvestable yuca plant available in just about seven months.STA71994.JPG





Here is our chef preparing yucas for the next group of clients and crew.  these are substituted for potatoes everywhere.Yuca%20triming.jpg

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