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Iguanas are your friend

As we were cooling it on my Birthday, I was sort of hoping that I would see our little iguana again.  I had spotted him twice the the last couple of days, but was getting the feeling that he might have moved on, had a bigger territory, or it was just a temporary glimpse.  So I was extremely pleased to notice him just sitting below our deck as he went through the fence to next door where he was munching on some wild succulent. 

I had looked up iguana care on the internet and discovered that everyone wants to share how he does it with his own pet...not much on iguanas in the wild.  Turns out, our little guy is called a "common green iguana"--not too exciting...

The gist of it is that they are vegetarians, and most healthy eating greens like collard greens, and some fruits.  People food is a no no--even tho they seem to like pizza.  The big piece of info was their comfort zone.  Seems that they are most comfortable at 95 degrees, and are comfortable down to a low temp of 70 at night.  They need a moist environment...dry household air dries out their skin badly.  So Ecuador in the humid season is perfect for them.uploaded-file-20648


So...moving on...as I was waiting for my little guy to show up again after climbing one of our taller coca palms, Rox mentions that she might have seen him on the other side of the house.   So I figure that he just slid down the other side of the trunk when I wasn't looking...OK, I think...


So, I finally see my little guy going over to his pasture, but I also see movement near him, and there is another iguana, twice as big!  this guy's body is about 30 inches long and his tail is about 3-4 feet!  I am really excited now, and tell Rox that I want to put out a water bowl and a bunch of celery tops for them...Of course, she looks at me like I'm nuts, but, what the hey, It's my birthday...and I'm thinking that this is a pretty good present...


But...here is the clincher!!!  In the space of five minutes, I see a parade of four iguanas going past our deck over the pasture...what fun!!!  So I watch fascinated, as they eat, appear and disappear thru the brush, and then all at once they make a little parade back to our yard and the first  one climbs our original coca palm...this is neat, and I am snapping pics like a madman...


As I watch them start to go up the tree to the top of the cocanuts, I notice that there is some kind of hold up on top, and the iguanas that were climbing behind the first one just stopped where they were.  So, I start counting, and I'm up to SIX!!!  They are all patiently waiting their turn to get to the top of the tree, and no lizard seems to want to pass the guy in front...In a couple of minutes all six disappear in the the top the tree...what fun!!!  I guess they all live in that tree, even tho we have 31 other coca palms to choose from...


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