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Sounds kinda funny to say you're driving home over the Andes...

Well, all good things finally come to an end, so on our last day we sleep in until 6:00, and get up to hear about a jillion birds singing, and a dense fog shrouding everything over 100 meters out.  We have a serene breakfast, pack up and load ourselves into the motorized canoe (75 hp--it cooks), these canoes are really long and carry a lot of freight.  Everything on the Jungle Discovery must be brought in first by truck, and then by a three hour boat ride on the rivers.  When you consider that this includes diesel and gas for the engines, propane for cooking, water, juices, beer, and all the solid food and cleaning supplies needed, then you realize how much these canoes must carry.

So, off we go, after bidding the crew a really fond farewell...those guys worked their butts off...

We are traveling light, 'cause all the tanks are empty for now...so we are zooming along, and Rox said that we could truly water ski at these speeds.  Here is a pic of the transfer point.   Note that there is another bus waiting for another tour...also look at all the containers that must be filled.  The other tour had a fancier bus, but they had sack lunches--we, on the other hand, had a sit down lunch served to us at a table with silverware, under a thatched roof for shade...STA72042.JPG



Saw these young kids when we arrived and as we left...took their pics after showing them how they look in the camera...then they all wanted to pose...STA72046.JPG







So, now we are fed and the empty tanks are loaded on the bus for refill in Coca...We head out on pretty bumpy roads at a good pace, 'cause Susy and Madeline must make a plane to Quito in about 3.5 hours, and it's a 3 hour trip--no wonder some of those tires don't last.



Another item, that I found interesting is that we drove at a fast pace for an hour before coming to a locked, guarded gate, and this marked the end of a single ranch that had stretched all the way from our transfer point, and it was owned by some folks in Africa...Probably as big as the County we lived in in Oregon.

Made the airport, and said farewell to Susy and Madeline (we have kept in touch by email), and checked into our hotel in Coca...had a nice dinner, then off to bed for an early morning drive  over the Andes by a deferent route.  This time we drove southwest to Puyo, and the roads were fabulous sometimes  and degenerated to river beds in others--take your choice.  In fact, at one time, we traveled along the road, and the river just meandered under the car...

We drove for six hours and the jungle stayed just as thick...we saw lots of indigenous people and a lot of green--eat your heart Oregon...

We passed thru many small towns, and what struck us, was that each town seemed to have a different specialty item for sale.  In Rio Negro, each stall sold potted plants and flowers, another town sold wooden boxes about the size of two cigar boxes, another sold bamboo products, another jeans in every store window, the next had many displays of grave stones, and the last I remember specialized in pottery...

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