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Two weeks before lift off

Been busy as bird dogs this last two weeks--everything centered around setting up big garage sale, getting our life kinda online, and tapering off activities here.  The garage sale was pretty darn good, what with all the great help we had from Jim & Shirley, Art & Ruth, and Nancy--they were invaluable helping us price stuff, man the cash box, and being watchful eyes during the rush hours.  A heavy rain came in last nite...so the gods were smiling...two days earlier would have been a disaster...Whoops...almost forgot...brain is foggy...prior to the big sale, we had to get two places ready for new folks to move into on the actual same day as the garage sale...Bob & Martha were down for a few days prior, and Bob's help was invaluable...not only is he a human dynamo, but 74 year of experience come in to play when doing plumbing, carpentry, or just plain organizing--we couldn't a done wit out ya Bob...so thanks mon!!!


Getting our life online goes in fits and starts...just when we think that we've put some account to bed...we get an error message from them or our bank, or something, saying that only part was accomplished or that a digit was lost, etc.  Spent a lot of time with customer service & it seems that everyone has opted to have those nice folks in India take over customer service for them.  Works out pretty good most of the time.


Speaking of customer service...the couple who are leasing our home happen to be executives and tech reps for geeksontime.com a US based computer fixit service company.  They charge a flat fee to help you fix your machine,or they take over your puter and do it for you, and they guarantee the results!!!  look em up!!!


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