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Booster shot day

Haven't added anything lately since it seemed a little too mundane for words...just a lot of work and attention to detail.  Rox is working a killer schedule getting us ready to go and making lists of lists.  I, on the other hand, being the big kahuna, have been trying to get our whole life online, so that we might retrieve it if all baggage & ID is lost.  The nice folks who are taking over our house (Mike & Sandy from geeksontime.com) took over my new puter and made it look a lot like my old win 98 job.  The also gave it a kick in the butt.  It now works faster than my old machine, which still ticks along next to it.


They also had a new super T-l line (or something like it) installed, and I'm never going back to dialup...  So now I have a super fast computer, know how to make it scream, and have a boss connection.  Watch out gamers!!!


Rich loaned us his big trailer, and we've made at least three,, over the sidewall trips to the dump ($45.00 bucks a load), and we're looking at more!  It is wild trying to get you life into just a few bags.  Don't know if we told you all, but we figured $8K for a container to take our junk down south was a little too much.  So...we'll just dress and buy like the locals.


There is a lot advice coming from all fronts about taking a low dose of Doxie (100mg) to ward off Malaria.  Some say don't even think about it, and the public Health nurse who is going to give us our Hep A & B booster tomorrow, says it is necessary.  The VA was nice enough to send me 180 of the little buggers, tho, so we have a choice.  When we were in Europe last, we drank out of the stream in the Canary Islands, so maybe 30 years of drinking well water might have given us a slight edge.  Quien sabe?


You know that you are coming to the end of an era when you discuss with your spouse whether you have time to get another DVD from Netflix, or if you should tell them to pack it in.  (pack it in, won)...


More after Sat...

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