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The Casa Blanca Chef drops a bomb!!!

As we said in the last entry, Roberto, chef of our favorite restaurant, was invited over to see how the place is shaping up (you remember,that Roberto was the man who helped us find this house originally with the taxi ride where we had to push to start, etc...)

Well, he didn't show up until 25 hours after he said he would...and with good reason...within a couple of minutes of having a cold beer pressed into his hand, he told us that he, his staff, and Hector, our great waiter, had all quit over wages and hours!!!

Since it had just happened, I guess we were some of the first folks he told.  We have always been amazed that this crew could serve breakfast, then lunch, the biggest meal, take a two hour break, and then serve dinner, supper and drinks until after midnight, six days a week!!!

The absentee owner is a damn fool--he had the best crew I have ever seen, and he refused to lower their slave like hours, or give them a little bit more dough.  Roberto has a wife and three kids, whom he seldom sees, and this guy was bitching about paying him probably $20.00 per day, instead of $15.00.

So, naturally, Rox and I have lots of advice about personal time with family, burn out, the restaurant, the future, and business opps right here in the area.  Roberto has his eye on a cabana built of bamboo and thatched roofing right on the beach here in Manglaralto.  It is in competition with nine other cabanas, and it is not in Montanita!  We are hoping all the best for him, and will take a look at the cabana today at 5:00 pm.  If he opens up soon, we will be eating there a lot, because it is a three minute walk from our house along the beach.  BUT, it could be a disaster for a owner-chef...most restaurants go under, and that is true here also.

We might give him a hand...but we will couch it in another way...more on that later...we will not ever work in a restaurant again, ever!

There are dozens of restaurants in Montanita, so we will go out to dinner tonite to do research...more on that later, also...




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